Appraisal Management Companies

The following is a list of Appraisal Management Company's who rely on LAS for residential appraisals for their Purchase and Refinance transactions as well as Home Equity lending and Portfolio/Servicing analysis:

While most residential appraisal firms have been resistant to change, LAS has embraced change in the valuation industry. The evolution and emphasis of Appraisal Management Companies (AMC) after the financial crisis of 2007 has offered the opportunity to work with new strategic valuation partners. There are many benefits to partnering with the right AMC and these benefits can far outweigh the challenges of working with the wrong AMC. The increased demands on residential appraisers post, -Dodd-Frank have led to increased pressure on pricing, service and quality which has created an evolution of sorts with the way we process all our appraisal requests. Our team here at LAS has embraced and overcome this challenge and understands the need for quality service without the sacrifice of service quality. All of the AMC partners we work with appreciate the efforts of our entire team throughout the process and understand the difference we can make to their clients. There are very few large residential appraisal firms willing to work with strategic partners in the AMC space but here at LAS we welcome the opportunity, The LAS offerings to the AMC are unique in that we have a large employee based staff of appraisers, a complete customer service team with real-time transparent communication and a quality assurance department to assure that a compliant residential appraisal report is delivered each and every time.

All of us here at LAS look forward to working with our strategic AMC partners as the residential valuation space continues to change and evolve.