Quality Assurance

LAS Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures

The credibility and reputation of LAS has expanded throughout the years with the foundation of growth being our commitment to Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures. The LAS staff of certified residential appraisers all work in the county in which they live, assuring geographic competency and knowledge of the market. In addition, the periodic LAS appraiser training keeps the staff up to date on changes in the appraisal landscape as well as making them aware of the quality levels expected by our valuation partners. The LAS Quality Assurance process is a strict four-tiered process which every appraisal passes prior to delivery. The following process increases partner efficiencies and eliminates the need for post appraisal addendums and revisions and is completed in less than one business day.

Tier 1 :  The front line for residential appraisal quality are the LAS staff of certified field appraisers. Knowing that our appraisers have an average of 20 years of experience and geographic competency gives our partners the confidence that a credible and accurate report is being delivered. Periodic training sessions keeps all our appraisers up to date with changes in the appraisal industry and fluctuations in the market. Once the appraiser completes the report, they utilize a technological review of the report through the appraisal software and then deliver the report through our tracker technology to the Quality Assurance Team.

Tier 2 :  Once the report is received in the headquarters it is extensively reviewed by a certified appraiser familiar with the location of the subject property. The appraisal is reviewed for compliance, content, accuracy, and justifiable support of the opinion of market value. Communication between the reviewer and appraiser at this tier is critical to assure clarity and understanding of the appraisal. This process is completed in a very timely manner and once completed the appraisal is passed along to the Quality Assurance Team.

Tier 3 :  The Quality Assurance Team is an experienced team of highly trained individuals who understand not only all aspects of a credible appraisal but also understand each of our partners individual requirements for a quality appraisal. It is at this tier where the report is meticulously reviewed for consistency, narrative clarity, and logical reasoning as well as having the appraisal scrubbed for grammatical and spelling errors. Once completed the file again goes through a technological review and is then passed along to a final review by a certified appraiser.

Tier 4 :  The final Quality Assurance process is a final read of the appraisal report prior to delivery. This final process has been added over the years as a critical proofread to assure the appraisal is credible, accurate and is reported in a consistently clear and concise way so as to assure 100% confidence in the final appraisal by our partners. This final process has eliminated most post appraisal concerns.

The LAS Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures has set LAS apart from any of the competition in terms of overall appraisal quality which is the primary catalyst for LAS to meet or exceed the quality expectations of our valuation partners.