LAS does not have clients they have valuation partners who work with our entire staff to assist them in the residential appraisal process throughout our geographic footprint. We engage with our partners to understand their valuation needs and expectations and work transparently with them throughout the process to assure that the expectations of service and quality is met or exceeded with every report delivered. We consult with our partners on a regular basis as to their concerns, their expectations, and their valuation needs and work together with them to not only streamline the current appraisal process seamlessly but also build out the process for our partner’s future growth. LAS has transformed the customer service process with proprietary technology, and seamless communication throughout the entire appraisal process from the time of order to the delivery of post appraisal concerns and addendum to support the original submission of the appraisal. LAS has developed a four-tiered quality assurance process that assures the delivery of a credible, supported, and extensively diligent appraisal which paints the picture for our partners that is clear and concise. This process minimizes the need for post-appraisal clarity and dialogue thus streamlining the lending process.