About Us

Ranked the #1 Residential Appraisal Firm on Long Island since 2001
Lauritano Appraisal Services (LAS) was incorporated in 1990 after taking over the family business from Eugene J. Lauritano and Assoc. which was founded by Tom’s dad. The family business dates to 1973 and Tom Lauritano had been personally involved with all aspects of the company since 1985. In 1995 after five years of transitional management, Lauritano Appraisal Services acquired the family firm and took over the family tradition of residential appraisal excellence. Since 1995 and everyday we open the doors of our office the LAS mission statement has been very clear: The entire LAS team will without exception, deliver all of the appraisals completed by LAS with a 100% commitment to efficient and transparent Quality Service without the sacrifice for diligent Service Quality.

Since 1995

Lauritano Appraisal Services has expanded and grown every year since its inception based on our simple commitment to Customer Service, Professionalism, State of the Art Technology and the delivery of independent and accurate residential appraisals. This team commitment has paid off as LAS has been ranked the #1 Residential Real Estate Appraisal Firm in the Greater New York and Long Island Market by Long Island Business News since 2001. The LAS Headquarters is centrally located in Babylon here on Long Island and is home to our efficient customer service team and diligent quality assurance group.
The LAS long term commitment to meeting or exceeding the expectations of our client partner’s service and quality expectations and requirements has always been the basis for our growth. The efficient and transparent Quality Service commitment of our Customer Service Team combined with the diligence and knowledge for Service Quality by our Quality Assurance Group has enabled LAS to set the standard and raise the bar for the delivery of a wide range of the most technologically advanced appraisal products to our valuation partners.
The LAS staff of certified appraisers has an average of over 20 years of residential appraising experience and are geographically experience and competent as they live in the areas which they appraise. We let our appraisers do what they are Certified to do and that is to support and justify an independent opinion of market value for each compliant appraisal they complete. All of our appraisers work closely with our customer service team and quality assurance group to assure transparent communication for our partners through our proprietary Real Time Tracking program. This technology has added to the customer service experience for all of our valuation partners.

The LAS business model is constantly changing due to the continuous guideline changes by the Federal Regulatory Agencies, GSE Requirements and State Agencies Guidelines. LAS has continually stayed ahead of the curve for the everchanging residential appraisal requirements with in-house training, continued investment in technology and transparent discussions with our valuation partners. Even with the constant changes there is one focus and that is our commitment to meeting the challenges and demands of not only the residential appraisal profession but also the residential lending community. This commitment is unsurpassed and gives our client partners the confidence and certainty of a compliant residential appraisal and transparent valuation process.

LAS has been there, LAS is here and LAS will be there for our valuation partners as they navigate through the everchanging future of residential appraising here in the Greater New York Market with the continued delivery of credible and reliable residential appraisal reports.