Owners & Investors

LAS completes residential appraisals for private property owners and investors on a regular basis for the following reasons:

LAS has been completing residential appraisals for the private sector in New York for over 30 years. Our expertise and geographic competence throughout Long Island and the five Boroughs of New York assures the delivery of an accurate and credible appraisal report. All the private appraisals we deliver are treated with the same detail to customer service and quality expected of the leading residential appraisal firm in New York. Each private request is fairly and competitively priced and most importantly is reported in a clear and concise format which is readily understandable. Once delivered the process does not end as we will be here for you should there be any questions relating to the appraisal report delivered for your private use.

Understanding Appraisals

Most people only need an appraisal of their home a handful of times in their lifetime and understanding the appraisal process can be confusing. We have added the link below which is the best Guide to Understanding appraisals presented by the Appraisal Foundation. This guide gives a step by step detailed description of the appraisal procedures and with inclusive of definitions and frequently asked questions.

Of course if there any questions in regards to the appraisal process or reporting requirements for your private appraisal request please feel free to contact our office any time.