Appraisal Technology

The three guiding principles in residential valuation are Location, Location, Location. That has been the basis of research for a quality residential appraisal forever. The three guiding principles of a successful residential appraisal firm is and always will be Technology, Technology, Technology. The tools of the appraisal trade constantly change and those appraisal firms that commit the time, resources and knowledge into staying ahead of the curve with technology will be the most successful.

Residential appraising is evolving into residential analytics as the availability of real estate data and the abundance of data is changing the landscape of how LAS analyzes a residential property. There is one guarantee that we have learned from more than 30 years in the appraisal profession and that is change is coming and technology will be the catalyst of change. Our partners entrust LAS with the responsibility of understanding the constant changes in residential appraising and implementing new technologies to ensure the continued efficient delivery of all of their residential appraisals without the sacrifice of quality.

The following is a list of our Technology Partners whose services are utilized by our staff of appraisers to ensure the delivery of an accurate and diligent appraisal: