Customer Service

LAS Customer Service Department Standards and Protocols:

The success of any company starts with a complete focus on customer satisfaction as the number one priority. Understanding each valuation partner’s expectations for service guides the drive and dedication of our customer service team to transparently communicate all appraisal requests, from receipt of the order request to delivery of the report, to always meet or exceed the valuation partners service expectations.

LAS takes pride in having a full time Customer Service department available to our valuation partners during the entire appraisal process. Our staff can be reached on the phone during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM EST and of course anytime via email. During these hours you will not reach an automated message system which typically creates frustration but instead will speak directly with a dedicated Customer Service staff member. Our priority Appraisal Tracking System Technology integrates and coordinates our staff of field appraisers which gives our customer service team real time updates and information for all appraisal orders. The accessibility of information combined with the extensive knowledge and commitment of our customer service team is the LAS difference.

At LAS we know that each client whether a national or regional bank, credit union, appraisal management company, local mortgage company, private homeowner, as well as an accounting or law firm deserves a real-time response to all inquiries and timely delivery of a credible appraisal report. From the time an appraisal order is received, your order becomes a priority to our Customer Service department. From assigning that appraisal order to one of our geographically experienced staff appraisers best suited to complete the appraisal, to ensuring accurate daily status updates and ultimately the timely delivery of the completed appraisal report. Once delivered, our customer service team remains available to answer any question or resolve any revision requests which may arise in the review process.